June 17th-June 21st. Transformational Retreat in *Curacao*
Find Your Purpose and Live Life On Purpose
June 17th-21st 2019
Discover Secrets to Longevity, Good Health and Happiness
  Exclusive Transformational Retreat in Curacao!
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Curacao is the PERFECT place to spend 5 delightful days…
  • In the company of a select handful of the most inspired and driven individuals …
  • …Individuals who are Deep Diving into finding and fulfilling Purpose, Creating a life that is powerful with a Strong Mind and a Strong Body meant to last a lifetime. 
  • Explore, relax AND create a truly AWE inspiring  unforgettable  transformation for yourself that you will want to renew over and over again and share with all of your friends.
  • Hello beautiful humans, We are Coach Keefa and Miss Tamara of CrossFit Iconz and Triple 7 Dance Company.  Some of you already know us but some of you may not, but here's what you should know:
  •   We are driven busy ladies, much like yourselves.   We spend many hours working on our businesses, being super moms and super women to our children, friends, clients and the list goes on.  **WE HELP OTHERS DISCOVER THEIR PURPOSE, TRANSFORM THEIR MIND, AND BUILD STRONG BODIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME**
  • This is why we created Vacation Bodies Transformation Retreats.
  • Discover the 9 Highly studied principles that create longevity that centenarians around the world (people who live over 100 years Old) all have in common.  Our Transformational retreats capture and carry these principles throughout the entire retreat.  Secrets to longevity, good health and happiness is yours.

  • SO ARE YOU READY FOR MIND and BODY TRANSFORMATION?  If So, Click the Link to Get the Details